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What makes an investment into Carbon Credits so different from stocks, bonds, crypto currencies, etc.? All those follow market driven supply and demand, economic cycles and continuous ups and downs.

The valuation of Carbon Credits follows the undisruptable demand driven by worldwide legislation to curb CO2 emissions plus the growing public understanding to provide financial means for greenhouse gas reduction.

The only way is up!

Based on data

See this UK government forecast to illustrate the gigantic potential

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VCX World is an spin-off of Metro Capital Bank Limited, a well-established specialised private financial institution from the City of London. Since over 15 years Metro Capital Bank is the trusted provider of tailor-made and unique solutions for global finance solutions for both individual and corporate clients worldwide. Adding to our institution’s shareholders’ desire of being a spearhead contributing to a modern Eco-friendly world VCX World is set to be the new global market place for trusted and verified Voluntary Emission Rights.


VCX World as the first blockchain based carbon credit exchange unifies sustainability and return. A partnership built on trust.


We are thriving to create a global marketplace where environmentalists meet investors to join forces for a sustainable planet. Implementing the understanding that clean water, clean air, a prosper ground for every human irrespective of origin, colour, gender, belief or wealth is based on the health of our earth is the challenge we set ourselves.
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Buy & Sell Carbon Offsets
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It is common understanding that investments in carbon neutralizing projects are helping each one of us reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the fight against global warming. Our endeavour is to show that climate saving investments are not merely an expense for a noble venture but can and should be significantly profitable for the investor’s portfolio.

Technology that we trust

Why Blockchain?

As you surely know the blockchain is the underlying technology of crypto currencies like the Bitcoin. Beyond crypto currencies this technology is and will be disrupting many industries and must be mandatory standard for the safe trade of carbon offsets (credits) for very important reasons:

What is a Carbon Emission Right?

A carbon right (also carbon credit or offset) is a tradable permit or certificate that grants the holder of the credit the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or an equivalent of another greenhouse gas. The creation of carbon credits is aimed at the reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from industrial activities to reduce the effects of global warming.

The Kyoto Protocol and recent agreements as the European Union 2030 Climate Target Plan set obligations for producers of greenhouse gases to cut emissions or purchase carbon credits at market rates to reach the agreed goals of minimization of greenhouse gases emission. For some companies, the immediate reduction of the emission is not economically viable. Companies that achieve the carbon offsets (reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases) are usually rewarded with additional carbon credits.

There are two types of credits

Certified emissions reduction (CER)

Emission units (also called offsets or credits) created through a regulatory framework with the purpose of offsetting a project’s emissions. The main difference between CERs and VERs is that there is a third party (government) certifying body that regulates the CER.

Voluntary emissions reduction (VER)

A carbon credit or offset that is exchanged in the over-the-counter or voluntary market for credits as opposed to the regulated CER market.

Real-Time-Trade at
Lowest Commissions

VCX World is the one Real-Time and Blockchain-based marketplace that allows trades like a stock exchange with all prices being commanded by market supply and demand. Commissions depend on the market and liquidity of the traded Carbon Credit while we seek to find the best spread to comfort buyer and seller.

Carbon Offset Certification

The listing of Carbon Credits on VCX World Exchange is subject to an assessment of our inspectors that solely consist of renowned experts of international reputation. Existing certifications (VCS, VOS, Gold Standard, etc.) by recognized standards or methodologies can waive a separate assessment by our inspectors.

VCX World aims to be the first blockchain based exchange for VERs to be traded in a secure real-time market place



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